Wow...I Got Lost Being a Working Momma!!!

I was just thinking the other day "I haven't even checked my blog, I wonder when my last post was"...it has been 4 months! Sheesh!!  So much in my life has been turned upside down, the majority for the good (or great) and one terrible thing for an awful reason. 

First, the Great Reason!  Layla has been the biggest blessing in my entire life and I seriously can't imagine a moment of my life without her in it.  She wakes up all smiles and lights up my entire day.  While I am at work I can close my eyes and see her big toothless smile and my heart smiles...and I am rejuvenated to continue the "struggles" of my job away from home.  Oh how I wish we had the lifestyle that allowed me to be a stay at home mommy, but we don't right now.  I will never say never, but it isn't looking good for me to be a stay at home mommy.  I am lucky enough to work for a good company that takes really good care of its employees and I have a boss that cares deeply for me and my family.  Enough so that I have asked her to babysit next weekend :)  She is the reason I keep going to work, I need to be a role model of responsibility and success for her, no matter the job title.  Success is what you make of it!

Now,  onto the reason that turned my world upside down that isn't at all a happy one.  I have endured in my life, some losses that really only affected Aaron and I deeply.  The vast majority of my family is still here on this Earth making their mark.  On July 21, 2012, My cousin Justin Kyle Adams took his last breath on this Earth.  He was 31, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a grandson, a cousin, a friend, a soldier, a hero, and too young to be done with this life.  He served this country in the United States Army and served in Iraq where he earned a Purple Heart.  He came home, started a family and settled into life back in America as a recruiter for the US Army.  He discovered that he had stage 3 Melanoma on his back.  He had many treatments and surgeries.  It stared to spread into some internal organs.  He stopped treatments and quickly (within a few weeks) was in the arms of the Lord.  Because of his young age and the seriousness of this awful disease, I have decided that I need to be vigilant with my own health and wellness.  We purchased an elliptical machine today and we are going to start eating "clean" in the hopes that all this unhealthy weight on our bodies will fall by the wayside and we will feel 100% better about life, ourselves, and just be a picture of health.  We have 2 reasons to do this: #1 is for ME and #2 is for Layla and any other children God may bless us with in this life!  Losing a family member in such a young age and in seemingly good health was a huge wake up call.  Granted eating better and exercising will not stop skin cancer from happening, but it may stop a bunch of other diseases from creeping up on us!

I will be taking "before" pics tonight and I will start posting my progress.  I would really like this blog to help keep me motivated!! Here Goes Nothing!