Layla's Story

Layla's story begins on May 24, 2011 when I had a gut feeling if I took a pregnancy test it would be I did and I was right!! I went into our bedroom where Aaron was still asleep and woke him up and when he opened his eyes I was standing there with a huge grin and holding up the test!!  He said "no way, really?" and I shook my head and started to cry and was still laying in bed and he grabbed me and pulled me down and kissed me and we both cried.  It was just 3 months before we had lost Isaiah and this was the best news we had gotten since then. 

Aaron told me to call the doctor first thing and make an appointment for as soon as I could so we can check everything out (we were obviously worried since our past had not been a good predictor of future joys.  So I called and went in the very next week.  All they could see was the sack...empty.  She told me not to worry, she would send me to a different ultrasound place the following week to check again she told us it may be because I had calculated her conception date incorrectly and I was not as far along as I thought. 

So Aaron and I proceeded to go on vacation as planned and enjoy ourselves.  Which we did a lot of relaxing by the pool and in our hotel room.  We went to Las Vegas.  We planned this vacation so as not to be home on the day Isaiah was due to be born.  We got our vows renewed and it was so emotional after everything we had been through...we both cried!  We had a relaxing vacation, came home and headed to the doctor two days later. 

At this appointment the technician couldn't tell us what she it was a silent appointment,  she would transcribe the findings and fax to my doctor and then my doctor would call...that was the longest 6 hours of our lives.  Luckily we had been to enough ultrasounds that we knew what to look for.  I obviously was not in a position to move to see the screen she was looking at so Aaron got up and went over and watched.  After a =bout a minute of me staring at him waiting for some sign on his face that everything looked OK to him...I saw a huge smile begin to form on his face and he gave me a thumbs up, but didn't say a word...since the technician was still in there.  When she left he said to me "I saw the flutter and it was fast" We knew what that flutter meant and I was a little more at ease, but still anxious to hear from the doctor.  She called right at the end of business hours that day and told us everything looked perfect and we were due on February 6, 2012.

We were thrilled and couldn't wait for our Rainbow Baby to get here.  I felt so different this time.  With the other 2 babies we lost, we never "prepared" for them...I never felt that urge to set up a nursery and I never bought anything for either one of them.  I instantly felt the urge to start planning for this baby's arrival...I just knew it was different this time.

I was sent at 16 weeks to OSU for a level 2 ultrasound to check the baby for birth defects and abnormalities.  This was September 16, 2011.  We were so nervous that they would find something wrong with the baby.  The room had an ultrasound machine, a chair for the patient (like a dental chair), a recliner for daddy, and a big screen on the wall to see the ultrasound.  In walked a young girl to do the ultrasound she was so friendly and nice.  She got stated measuring the baby and asked if we wanted to know the gender..because she already caught a glimpse... we said yes at the same time.  She said "It's a girl" I started to laugh and cry at the same time and I looked over at Aaron and he had tears in his was so real this time and so different than every other time we had an ultrasound, we were happy and nothing was wrong with her and we could breathe deep and prepare for her arrival.

We called our family and told them to buy pink!! We had a couple more ultrasounds as time progressed with our last one in December.  We were worried and the doctor did these to ease our minds.  We continued getting ready and celebrated holidays and had baby showers, it was a wonderful time.  I had one evening where i was having predicable was January 27, 2012.  We went to the hospital and I was hooked up to the monitors and we waited and waited and nothing changed so we were sent home.  I had contractions here and there, but nothing ever came of any of them. February 6, 2012 came and went with no sign of her impending arrival.  So on February 13, 2012 we were to go to the hospital at 5 am to be induced with Petocin.  All was going well and I was finally making some progress.  Aaron napped off and on and drank lots of coffee.  Family came and went and my friends were texting me asking for updates.  At 10pm the doctor came in and asked what we wanted to do.  I told her I really wanted to have her naturally and not have to do a c-section, so at 10pm I told her I wanted to see if more medicine would move me along a little faster and check back in a little while.  At 11:30pm she came in and said I had stalled at 8cm (I had been there for 3 hours).  She told me I could keep going or "throw in the towel and do a c-section".  I was exhausted and we decided to do the c-section.  After 20 hours of labor (medicated labor with an epidural) we went into the surgery room.  Aaron came in after I was settled in there...he had on scrubs and a mask.  He sat right next to my head and grabbed my hand and away they went to get her out.

At 12:59 am, February 14, 2012, (Valentines Day) Layla Rae Aidt entered this world at 7lbs 14oz and 20inches long.  She came in with a big loud yell and she didn't stop for several minutes.  After what seemed like and eternity, Aaron finally got his hands on her and brought her over to me and laid her by my head and I kissed her through my tears of joy.  Aaron had a big smile that I could see in his eyes because he still had his mask on.  He also had some tears in his eyes.  After all our struggles she was here and we were beyond words overjoyed.

 Our Valentine Blessing!!

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