I'm so behind...trying to be Super Mom

I have too many hats on...I try to do too many things all at once!!  Once the baby goes down for the night I am exhausted and still have dishes, laundry, shower, and any other unfinished housework to do ( I hate missing time with her to do this stuff while she is awake)!!  I am usually asleep before I lay all the way down in bed! 

So...I am going to "try" to keep my promise to myself and do this blog update at the very least once a week!!  I think I will add it to my list as a Monday night task...after Layla's bedtime at least. 

Update since I last wrote: As I wrote in the last post, my Hero of a cousin passed away from skin cancer.  Layla and I attended his funeral on August 23, 2012 at Arlington National Cemetery.  (My husband could not get the time off work to attend :( )  We rode with family and stayed one night, attended the funeral, turned right around and headed back to Ohio.  I can say with all the emotion in my heart that I have never been and may never be again to a more moving and emotional funeral service in my whole life.  I am so proud to have a family member buried in that cemetery and I am honored to have had that man in my life.


I was truly blessed to have had this experience.

In other news...Layla will be 9 MONTHS on the 14th!!!  Where has the time gone!!  She is growing so fast and learning new things every single day!  She says "mama" and "dada", she stands, she walks assisted, she can climb the stairs at a record speed :)...she is amazing!!!  She has a cold right now and we are fighting that the best we can, and she seems better today, but she (as many of us do too when we don't feel well) has a whiny attitude...which is so very out of character for her, so we know she doesn't feel well if she is crying and whining!!

OK so I will be back in several days with another weeks updates!!!  The next one will be full because Layla will have turned 9 months and she will have had her doctor appointment too!!

Mommy loves you Isaiah :)