Okay I have not updated anything in quite a while.  Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and I am more than ready to meet this little lady.  I am terribly nervous to go through the process to actually get her here, I have so many fears (most of which are crazy, weird, never happen sorts of scenarios) but I can't stop thinking about it.  My husband is starting to get really anxious and very nervous.  I have had some "pains" that make me feel as though she is making progress towards her birthday and I had a contraction today...just one which I thought was weird, but I guess from what I read is normal for this point. 

In 17 days we "celebrate" Isaiah's 1st birthday and we won't be there to visit him and take him flowers or be where he physically is on that day.  My mom is going to take him flowers and visit him since we can't.  I pray that Layla makes it here safely and perfectly, but I pray that she does not come on her brothers birthday.  I really don't want her to share birthdays with him...I don't want to have a sad day when it is her special day.  It would be bittersweet.  Maybe more bitter than sweet.

I will try to keep this blog updated the closer we get...here's to counting down to a safe delivery of a perfectly beautiful baby girl!

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