Isaiah's baby sister

I've waited for quite some time to say anything on here and that is mainly the reason I have been staying away from here and not posting much in the past couple months.  Isaiah is going to be a big brother soon.  Layla Rae is due to enter this world just 4 days after Isaiah's first birthday.  This has been such a surreal experience this time.  The joy overwhelms the fear most of the time...but occasionally I get worried and stressed and wonder if I am actually going to get to look into her eyes and touch her.  Her original due date was the SAME day as Isaiah's birthday...that was NOT a coincidence, none of this is.  I believe he made it to Jesus and told him that his mommy and daddy are really sad and I think he asked Him to give us another gift, another baby.  Not every baby that is born gets and extra special angel in heaven, but mine does.  She has an angel that knows what mommy's heart feels and sounds like from inside. Her angel knows what mommy's voice sounds like.  Her angel knows the love and care mommy takes to keep her safe.  Her angel knows the love that both mommy and daddy still feel and will always feel. They already share so much. 

We have had many doctor appointments and everything is right on track and absolutely perfect.  She is going to make it, I just know it!  She is going to keep on our toes for the rest of our lives.  And she always has a big brother that will watch out for her every step of the way!

Isaiah, please take care of her while she is waiting to get here.  I am sure God has already told you what great plans he has for her, You are doing a great job taking care of her so far.  We love you and miss you everyday!

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I saw your comment on my FOL story and popped over to your blog. Our stories are very similar. It had me crying. Do you know what they call the babies after a loss? They call them rainbow babies. So glad we can share in loss and rainbow babies together!