I'm Back and We are Changing!

Well it has been an interesting few months here in my life, in my family, and in my home. I am back to blogging and am going to try and make the effort to blog at least 2 times weekly if not more.  I have a busy life with a new baby (2 months old) and my husband and I both work full-time (I don't go back to work until May 7th from maternity leave and I dread that day already) and Aaron is a full-time student.  He went back to school nearly 2 years ago to maintain a bachelors degree in middle child education for science and social studies and achieve a minor in history.  He is an amazing student and works hard to get good grades among all the other activities and responsibilities he has. 

We are trying to adopt a schedule that works for everyone in the house... it is not easy getting a baby to do what you want her do and when you want her to do it.  :)  She is the joy of our life  as we have had a few disappointments you could say in the past couple years.  Life is trending up and we are excited about how things are changing and moving forward for us. 

When I say we are changing I mean the blog...it will no longer be a blog of sadness and grief but one about our family, I will continue to mention my babies I don't get to hold and love on because I still miss both of them every single day.  But in an effort to move forward and not overshadow the joy our daughter brings to our life with the grief we clouded our life with for months and months, I am changing the tone of this blog to a joyous and grateful one.  I look forward to sharing our journey as a family with you all...until next time!  :)

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