Maybe it'll Stick This Time

By "maybe it'll stick this time", I mean this whole blogging thing!!!  I would like to say I am busy and just don't have time, but that's only partly true.  I am busy, I work full-time, I am a full-time momma (my favorite "job"), and a part-time homemaker (meaning someone has to keep this place clean and upright)!!!  But at around 8pm every evening, Layla is tucked in bed and asleep and this is where my "free" time falls apart...I should be doing laundry, couponing, getting things ready for the next day (which I do for Layla when necessary, but not for myself), cleaning up, etc...but I find myself asleep on the couch or vegging out in front of the television for hours...then I drag myself to bed and wake up in a craze because I am now always running late somehow ( I never used to be the one running to beat the clock in the morning) but since becoming a momma I have lost track of time somehow!!!  Anyway...enough with the excuses...I hope I can at least take one day a week to update the events of our lives.

Soooo.....Layla has turned 1 (she is now almost 18 months old) She has so much personality and is so funny!!!  (I will photo bomb this post later)  She is the absolutely the joy in our lives and we are so blessed and grateful!  Life is busy, Aaron and I work full-time, he is a full-time student, and we have a toddler!!!  

So we really are busy, but after 8pm I do have some free time!! I will make time to do this!!!  It is a goal for me...

Here is the photos in no particular order at all :)

We love you and miss you everyday Isaiah David
 Layla just a couple weeks ago
 At the pool looking cool
 Playing at the park...the slide is her favorite
 One of the pictures from her first birthday photo shoot 
 At the Notre Dame vs OSU hockey Game on 2/2/13 (Isaiah's 2nd Birthday)
 First Birthday party...she didn't smash up the cake like I hoped she would
 First Family Christmas card picture 2012
 Another gorgeous picture from her first birthday photo shoot

Our First family vacation to St Louis to visit Aaron's Aunt Miki and her family :)

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