The Laziness Epidemic

It seems as though working a full-time outside of the home job and then coming home and spending time with Layla in the evenings has made me lazy...I mean for the "other" parts of my "job".  The other parts being, laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and general upkeep of my home.  Don't get me wrong the house is clean(ish) and things are mostly put in their place before I go to bed, as I have a bit of self-diagnosed OCD!!  But, after Layla goes to bed and I straighten up the house in what I call my 15 minute cleaning dash, I find myself sitting on my behind on the couch (usually with some sort of snack I should probably be avoiding) until I am dog tired then I drag myself upstairs to fall asleep in bed, only to wake up with an even longer "to-do" list that is at least another day behind.  

Enough Complaining about all that...where does that get you anyway? My grandma says "complaining is like sitting in a rocking chair trying to get somewhere, useless"  So I am getting off the lazy train and I am going to do something about it.  I am going to start Flying again.  Flying? yes...Flying!!!

This group of women can teach you how in just a short period of time and with routines things can get done and you don't feel overwhelmed once a week because the laundry is overflowing and your husband is out of clean underwear (again)!!!  I have started and quit this many times, didn't quit because it didn't work...it works, I just got the lazy bug again!!  I feel like I would be blessing my family if I started being able to accomplish these small tasks day by day.  I would have more time with them instead of always trying to "finish" my "chores"  This is my new goal...do things a little at a time within a routine so I have more free time to spend as a mommy and a wife!!  Wish me luck!

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