Busy Weekend!!!

I had Friday off from work this past week so I could take Layla to her 18 month check-up.  Aaron also had Friday off, we made it a long weekend and he took Saturday off too.  Layla's appointment went great.  The doctor commented on how developed emotionally and mentally she is, I heard..."she's a genius" ha ha!!  No, Seriously, she told us they expect 3 clear words from a child at 18 months and Layla repeats almost everything she hears and pretty clearly most of the time depending on the complexity of the word.  We work all the time on counting, the alphabet, we read, we sing, and we try not to talk to her like a baby (anymore).  She weighed in at 26 lbs 11 oz, up from 25 lbs 3 oz at her 15 month appointment.  She is 33 inches tall, up from 31 inches at her 15 month appointment.  She is growing and developing so quickly, I blink and she's older and smarter and taller!!! It goes too fast!!! 


On Saturday we headed back to our hometown for the annual Bucyrus Bratwurst festival.  We took Layla so she could see the parade and so we could visit with family and friends we don't see that often.  She had a lot of fun watching the parade, it was warm and she got a little irritable towards the end, so when the parade was over we meandered our way through the crowd to one of our favorite hometown restaurants, Baker Pizza Shack, and enjoyed dinner with some friends.  Then we headed to a barbecue at my brother's house!

                   Parade watching and walking with her great-grandma                        

Always wants to "see" your phone...here she is "seeing" grandma's phone and aunt Kimmy's phone.

On Sunday, we lounged and relaxed and didn't do a whole lot of anything...and you can see...


On Monday, I got off work early and we headed to a Columbus Clippers baseball game...Layla and her daddy had a blast!!!  Layla isn't really into the baseball watching as much as she is into the get into and do whatever I can get away with plan.

Whew...we were busy, but we didn't do anything we didn't really want to do and we had fun!!!  We are so blessed.

Layla was worn out after this fun filled activity packed weekend. We need more weekends as a family to do fun things and relax...maybe after Aaron graduates :)

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