So Far So Good

Well the new routine is in place and working well.  Even had some "extra" time to organize all the pictures on the computer!!  They were in such disarray...no order whatsoever.  I have been meaning for months to organize them, and like all other things, was always too busy (she said, knowing full well she laid on the couch every night for several months)!!!  

I am liking the way I feel about things when I lay my head down at night, there is no longer a constant unfinished "To Do List" in my head taunting me every day!  I wake up and the house is clean, things are ready for the next day, everyone has clean clothes because the laundry is getting done, everything feels more complete!!!  

We have along weekend starting tomorrow.  Aaron and I are both off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and Aaron is off as usual on Monday.  On Friday we are running some errands and taking Lalya to her pediatrician for her 18-Month Check-up (don't get me started on where that time went).  Saturday we are headed back to our hometown for the annual Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival and then Sunday church and relaxing.  Sundays are reserved for those two things on my new routine :) I hope to take tons of pictures so I can share :) 

I feel like things are comfortable and enjoyable right now and I hope to keep this ball a-rollin' on down the road!!  My family is happy and healthy and I could not be happier, I am so blessed!!

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