Nice Weather Equals Some Peace

Recently I moved our bedroom furniture around and put our bed right under the window.  This morning I woke up and opened the window and laid there listening to the (temporary) quiet of my neighborhood like the birds chirping and the breeze blowing through the trees.  The sun was shining in and all I wanted to do was lay there in that perfect sense of peace and never get up from that moment.  I didn't stay there, it is too nice out to be lying around in my pj's all day.  I am going to try and enjoy this day outside. 

I find it peaceful when the weather is perfect like this.  I feel like without all the clouds and drizzle and dreariness Isaiah can see me through the clear blue sky and enjoy the day with me.  He can see us when we take the dog for a walk.  In a perfect world he'd almost be here (2 weeks) and he could actually enjoy those walks with us shortly after his arrival.  But plans change. 

Tomorrow we are going to the garden center to pick some things up for the yard and I think maybe we should get a little tree or something to plant in Isaiah's honor.  Something I can dig up and take with me when we move.  I have already picked the perfect place for it. I can put the stepping stone that was given to me by my best friend, Holly under it that has a simple little prayer on it.  We were going to use it at the cemetery to place on top of where we buried him, but I thought maybe it was too big.  And I kind of wanted to keep it with me to put in my flower beds where ever I am for the rest of my life. 

Well, I am off to try and enjoy this day in peace with my dog, maybe throw in some shopping for a little added fun...gotta find some things for our trip to Vegas in 3 weeks!!

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