Viva Las Vegas

So tomorrow morning we leave for our first real vacation to Las Vegas!  We have only been on vacation with Aaron's family and we never had a honeymoon.  We splurged on a 4 day trip to Vegas after Isaiah's death, mostly to be away on the day he was due, but Aaron had finals to finish...so we were delayed a week! 

We are getting our vows renewed while we are out there since that is where we wanted to get married in the first place (but we were overruled by some grandparents).  We need the time away to be with one another, beacuse with work and school we see each other only once a week.  Some relaxing by the pool and sleeping in each morning will give us the break we need.  Most importantly, we will be together, just the two of us, for a change!

I will post pictures after we get back!

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