Layla Rae

She is still just perfect and growing and moving!!  How have we been so blessed this time?  I often wonder why? though....why didn't we get Isaiah, but we get Layla? Why one, but not the others?  I am so terribly excited that she is doing so well and that I get to meet her very soon, please don't find this to be a complaint, it is not.  I am still a grieving mother with fears and questions. 

We got pregnant with Layla just 2.5 months after Isaiah was born and her due date is just 4 days after Isaiah's first birthday (I don not believe in coincidences, but I do believe in divine intervention).  We knew we wanted children and it had been a bit of a struggle for us to get any of the pregnancies, it took nearly 4 years of "trying" on our own before we sought help and found the problem. We were young and not in a tremendous hurry the first few years.  After all that it took almost a year to conceive the first baby after we lost that baby, it took 6 months to get pregnant with Isaiah.  We were determined to be parents, we knew we could get pregnant and the doctors had given us no inclination that we couldn't do this on our own.  So we kept trying instead of searching out alternatives.  We discussed what we would do if it never happened for us naturally.  We would adopt. 

I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband who has been so supportive (sometimes glass half empty, but I can't blame him for that).  He has been to all but 2 appointments with me throughout all 3 pregnancies.  I had to go alone today and I have to admit I was a bit scared.  But on the drive over I had the radio on and could feel my little girl just dancing away so she was with me and she was able to comfort me this time when her daddy couldn't be with me!  I am so blessed and oh so thankful for all I have been given.  I am even thankful for the things that have been taken from me, it took me a while to get here, but I am.  God taught me an awful lot about myself through those trying times and it brought Aaron and I so much closer together. 

Praise Be To God!  None of this is possible without Him!

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