22 week 3 days :(

Okay, so today I am officially 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant, which is the exact amount of time I was blessed enough to carry Isaiah!!!  I have had a couple of emotional moments today, some sad and a one anger explosion!!  I know that Layla is doing so much better than her brother was at this point and I feel certain that she will grace us with her amazing presence in February.  However, with all the joy I feel for her and meeting her and loving her, I am still a grieving mother.  I have lost children, I have 2 children I will never see grow up.  I am so blessed to have been given another chance at creating a life beyond my own, but I miss the children I never met!  We go to the doctor tomorrow to have another check at Layla's anatomy...to make sure she is still a perfect gift from God, so I am trying not get myself down about today and I am trying to look towards the future, my future with my beautiful baby girl!

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